About Us

Bluegums Cabins was set up in 2000 by Herman and Val Oosterman. After 14 years they decided it was time to retire. We were lucky enough to be camping nearby and saw the For Sale sign and 3 months after that in May 2014 we had moved to this beautiful part of the world with our little family and are looking after this wonderful business.

Since moving here we have added 2 more cabins to our little piece of paradise. We have changed little things around the place but really our cabins are all about the beauty of the Australian bush.

We are continually trying to improve our environmental footprint, some of the changes we have made are:

  • 100% Greenpower
  • 100% organic cotton towels
  • Earth friendly cleaning products
  • Recycled toilet paper   –  100% recycled toilet paper from a company who donate 50% of profits to build toilets in the developing world. Good for your bum, Great for the world! (https://au.whogivesacrap.org/) …and they will deliver it to your door!
  • To help reduce packaging and waste we do not supply mini toiletries but have a supply of  organic toiletries available in the cabins for guests who forgot theirs.
  • Bush regeneration, lots done and lots to do….we are working through acres and acres of lantana and replanting with native plants so keep an eye on our progress over the years!

We hope you love your stay here as much as we do.

Gavin, Amanda, Seamus and Setanta