Finding Us

Bluegums Cabins Barrington Tops

directions for bluegums cabins barrington tops

Look for Chichester Dam Road on the Google map and follow it in a northerly direction.
We are located 20 km north of Dungog, 1 km from Chichester Dam (in blue), on the western side of Chichester Dam Road.

Zoom into the south east part of Barrington Tops Park at the end of Chichester Dam Road.
and we are located above Dusodie and 1 km from Chichester Dam (in blue) & on the western side of chichester Dam road.

You will be provided with very clear directions to Bluegums when booking from us and from Google Maps. Its sealed road all the way to the entrance.

For the ones with Satellite Navigation, our GPS location is:- S 32/14? 40? E 151/41? 02?

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